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Why The Mama Program; A Weekend Self Care Program for Moms

I am hosting my first event. Yes you read that completely right.


I’m not freaking out, you are… Okay yes, I’m totally freaking out too! 

When I created The Mama Program my intention was not for it to be a bunch of expensive events and social hours. But instead, for it to be the kick in the butt mamas needed to remember their own self care. My hope is it will become a weekend program for moms where they can come and partake in various self care classes that will encourage and fulfill them. 

For now however, it is totally a social hour with reasonably priced events for us mamas to sit, come together and hang. I mean hey, it’s not like we don’t deserve it! 

If you’re not new to Mothering the Mama then you know my story and why self care is so important to me. If you don’t, here’s a short recap:

When Tate was about 4 months I realized I was completely losing myself in motherhood. I had no idea if I had showered each day, I barely changed my clothes, and the laundry was piling over; but the baby was fed, clean and happy. Being a mother was becoming my identity. 

Now let me clear this up, being a mother is 100% my greatest joy in life thus far. It has helped me find my passion and true calling in life not only with my son but with other mothers I encounter as well. However, being a mother does not take away from the fact that I still need to care for me. 

The Mama Program is just that. To remind mothers that in the midst of the motherhood chaos, every now and then just check in on you.

Check in questions:

  • How does this make me feel?
  • Am I doing this for me or someone else?
  • When is the last time I did something for me?

In any situation it’s easy for life to take over. Even more so when it feels like you’re the ringleader or a juggling circus trying to balance not only motherhood but your career and family on top of that. But in the midst of it all it is beyond important to never forget you. 

If you’re in the area buy your tickets to the Mommy Spa and Social. Be intentional and schedule some time for you today. Trust me, your family will thank you. 

Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B. 

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