When I became a mom, there were 2 things that were for certain: I had no clue what I was doing and I was losing myself in the process. Somewhere between the diaper changes and feedings I forgot what it meant to take care of me. This would all be fine and dandy if this change was something that was necessary to my child’s well-being. But what we mamas always forget, WE are necessary to our child’s well-being, And not just us, but the best darn version of ourselves that we have. 

Now hear me out. Yes, diaper changes and feeding times are crucial to your baby’s survival and should never be something you skip out on regardless of the situation. But your self care should be almost as important to yourself as your baby’s means for survival is to them. Because for you, it is necessary. 

Did you know that it has been medically proven that taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health? That is saying doing something that helps you feel relaxed and comforted is just the same as having open heart surgery. A little dramatic? Yes, I agree. But it is as important as you taking a jog or a day in the gym.  The reality is paying attention to the way you feel at the top of your body (your head) can help affect the things towards the bottom end of your body. 

If you joined my Self Care Email Challenge then you’ve heard me say it; self care is not just bubble baths and massages every day. But it is finding ways to intentionally take time out for you in a way that makes you feel loved and cared for. The important word there is intentional. Just saying oh yea I’ll be taking a break at 4pm is not the same as saying it’s 8am and I know I want to take my break at 4pm so I am going to finish up my 3:00 meeting by 3:45 and push my email clean up to 5 so I can be sure to make it to my 4pm break. It is saying at my 4pm break I will walk outside around the block. It is not saying at 4pm I’ll figure out what to do and once you find nothing you start your email clean up early since “there’s nothing to do anyways”. 

You remember me talking about my beginning emotions with my baby boy. Well those emotions were hard. As most initial emotions with a baby are. You are battling yourself not only emotionally but physically and it takes a toll on you every day. You don’t think that earns your little brain a break? When I first started noticing that my own love tank was getting low I knew I had to make a change. I knew that in order for me to properly give my son the love and affection he needed I had to first give it to myself. It’s similar to the saying: 

“You can’t love someone else to the best of your ability until you first love you”. 

Oh what, you thought your baby was exempt from that because of the fact that he came from you? Nada mama, wrong answer. This falls under that same principle. 

Here’s some tips on self care: 
1. Make it intentional. Again, decide when and what you’re going to do with your activity and allow nothing but the earth stopping its orbital spin stop this.
2. Understand this is not only important for your well-being but necessary for it as well. 
3. Enjoy it! Don’t always let self care be a moment when you’re at your whits end with the kids and physically can’t take it anymore that you now have to walk out and take your “you moment”. All that does is place ill- feelings on a situation that is supposed to be a positive experience. 

Plan it, understand the need for it and then do it. Your family will thank you, your baby will thank you but most importantly, YOU will thank you. 

Take care of you too mama, 
Aysia B.

p.s. towards the end of the week I will be announcing a pretty big announcement over on Instagram and I am sooo excited for it! And trust me, your self care is excited for it too. See you then!