As a writer, nurse, teacher or whatever; it is your job to perfect your craft.  It is your job to go to seminars, workshops, or other forms of learning to ensure the product you produce is of best quality.  And as a blogger, my job is no different.  I attend workshops, webinars, and Facebook groups in an attempt to motivate myself to create a better blog for you my readers! Now, there are times I go to work on projects and just disappear on you guys and that’s just not right.  So what I am saying in short is: I know I have been MIA in this week, and I am sooo sorry (especially right after the consistency piece eekk).  But I swear to you guys- this time the absence is much needed.  I am working on something so crucial for the blog that the silence is warranted. 

I have been on Pinterest, Instagram, other blogs and much more just to find ways to improve this blog.  Not that it isn’t already great, and trust me I do appreciate the following we have here, it’s just… I want more but more importantly I want to give YOU GUYS more.  So finally I stumbled upon it. “How to improve your email list”.  I’m not sure where I saw it first, but from Krista from, xo Sarah, and so many others I found just what I was looking for.  Ways to improve my the blog with my e-mail list. 
Now email is not the only thing that matters, because like I said before it doesn’t matter to me if I have 5 subscribers or 5000.  But, if I’m going to do something, mind as well do it right!  So for you guys I have… (drumroll please)
I know not such a huge accomplishment, but for me- it is.  It is the third “big thing” that I am doing for the blog so far this year.  First, switching to my own website domain, then switching email providers (hence why your blog emails might look a little different), and now this!  And though to many bloggers it may only be a small step, it is still a huge one for me.  Creating this email series is just one more step in creating the best blog for you guys that I absolutely can. With my motivation and determination I am sure this email series will be just what the blog needs!

Now, for a timeline, and yes that means more silence for the blog (so sorry guys!).  Yes, many individuals do email series in 12 hrs or less, but “if you know me” you know I am a perfectionist.  So, I have to have this done correctly. I first want to make sure I research as much as I can and then secondly create the best series I can and to do so takes time.  So, for the rest of the week the blog will go silent.  But in the meantime I have plenty of other things for you to do:
1.       Follow along with BTG on Instagram to see small updates during the week.
2.       Follow BTG on Twitter to see small daily tips I learn while creating the email series.
3.       And finally follow BTG Facebook for an exclusive live video at the end of the whole email series process!

Trust me you do not want to miss this process!

Aysia B.