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Why I chose to breastfeed

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Everyone always talks about that first time they laid eyes on their baby. It was this magical moment where the doctors laid baby on their chest and they immediately felt this connection like never before. They gazed into their babies eyes and saw their whole world. Insert the waterworks, fireworks and every other works you can think of. 

But if I’m being completely honest, I didn’t have that moment at Tate’s birth. 
Between the change in plans, long labor, and c-section I felt like I was robbed of my “major moment”.  Besides the health benefits for my baby, this is one of the main reasons I decided to breastfeed. To get the close eye to eye, skin to skin connection. 
Breastfeeding to me is so much more than just feeding my baby. It’s “our time”. One no one else can share with him in the same way. Yes, sometimes the feed is a rushed duty in the back of the car in the middle of a shopping trip. Or sometimes it’s hanging over the car seat during one of our many times on the road. But no matter what the setting may look like breastfeeding is always a reminder for me to take a minute and just be with my baby. 

That’s why having the right tools during breastfeeding is so important to me. Without my trusty items I’m uncomfortable or unable to relax and truly enjoy that time. One of my all time favorite breastfeeding items is my Milk Snob cover. This cover is so convenient. Whether breastfeeding in public, around company or just hanging in the house, this stylish cover slips right over my head acting like a tent for little Tot to get his feed on. 
Since this 4 month old chunk is now a curious baby, our “special time“ isn’t him just laying there feeding and looking at me anymore. He moves around so much and is constantly losing focus. The Milk Snob cover not only stays in place during his karate feeding sessions allowing me to be hands free, it is also light weight and so soft preventing any sweating or overheating for both of us during his feed. 

With multiple stylish designs to choose from, the Milk Snob cover is very multi-functional. It covers my baby’s car seat in the cold or bright sun, acts as a blanket at times and will even work as a shopping cart cover when we advance to the sitting up stage.
When Tate’s under that cover it feels like it’s just me and him in the room. I stare at him, touch him, talk, laugh and more. I’m sure there are so many moments I’ll share with this little guy, but so far breastfeeding has got to be one of my favorites. 

What’s your favorite thing to do with your baby? I’d love to know! 

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See ya! 

Aysia B.

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