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He’s still waking up every 2 hours at night to feed??? 

Yes, Yes he is. 

I didn’t sleep train my baby. 

If I’m being honest I didn’t have the patience. I know there’s books to read, movies to watch, apps to try, etc etc. But it just wasn’t something I was interested in doing. 

Before having Tate there was one piece of advice my mom gave that stuck out to me. “Don’t let him start sleeping in the bed with you ever”. And I was adamant on that. “Oh he’ll NEVER sleep in the bed with me”. *Let’s take a moment of silent laughter for all the moms who have made rules for their baby before they got here and then reality hit them once baby arrived*

From the time Tate was born he has co-slept with me. Originally it started out with me having difficulty getting down from our high bed after the C-section for his every 2 hours night feedings. First, he slept in his dock-a-tot in between his dad and I. Then went to the Boppy lounger in the middle. And finally straight in my arms or by my side. 

Many of the moms I know have started not only transitioning their babes to sleep on their own but also to sleep through the night. Now the sleep on their own part, I can deff get down with that. But as far as the sleeping through the night my thought process was always, “if it doesn’t bother me, then why should I”?

I always thought waking up was going to be one of the hardest parts of a baby for me. But the night time feedings have become such a part of my routine. If Tate happens to sleep longer than 2 hrs I’m going in to make sure he’s still breathing! 

Since becoming a parent I’ve adopted the “when he’s ready” method. He’ll sleep through the night, when he’s ready. He’ll transition to his forward facing stroller “when he’s ready”. 

If it’s one thing I’ve realized since having Tater Tot is that time is truly precious. I mean I feel like he was just born and he’s already so independent. Rushing his life even faster is just not in my books. So I’ll follow his cues. And just like everything else in his life, I’ll be there to support him through it when he’s ready 

See ya! 
Aysia B.  

p.s. does anyone else use the “shirt” method to get baby used to an item? I’m trying to reacquaint Tate and his dock-a-tot. I only leave my shirt down with him if I’m sitting in the room with him. Did this method work for you?