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Protecting my Why; Why getting the Covid-19 Vaccine was Important to Me

Why Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine

In our current world, the conversation about vaccines is one that’s very sensitive.

There have been many conversations around getting the Covid-19 vaccine versus not.

For me, deciding to get the vaccine came down to one simple question.

What is my why?

finding my why

And as a mom, my why is always my son.

When the vaccine first came out, I had to not only do research on getting the Covid-19 vaccine but also think about my personal life and why it was important to me.

If you’ve been following me a while then you know I am a nurse, specifically a pediatric emergency room nurse.

If you don’t know what that means, in short it means any patient can come in or out of the emergency room that we cannot prepare for.

CPR in progress, injuries, and you guessed it, Covid positive patients.

As a person in this position, I have to protect not only myself, but the people I love and go home to at nights as well.

This includes my son.

getting the covid- 19 vaccine

getting the covid 19 vaccine

Being a nurse, I know getting the Covid-19 vaccine is the best way to protect myself and the people I care about from Covid.

My Experience with the Vaccine

On the day I got my Covid-19 vaccine shot I was definitely nervous. I mean, I was making a huge decision.

But nonetheless, I know approximately 97% of new Covid hospitalizations are of people who are not vaccinated, and I did not want to spend any time in the hospital away from my child.

I felt no immediate side effects from the vaccine.

The next day my arm was extremely sore (as it usually is with other vaccines).

But, with the second vaccine shot, I felt no arm pain at all.

I had no illness or other symptoms after either vaccine shot.

Since getting the Covid-19 vaccine about 3 months ago, I have felt the same and have no complaints.

What’s even greater is, now with the new Covid findings, my previous Covid vaccination offers protection against the DELTA variant too.

my covid- 19 vaccine experience

All in all, health decisions are always difficult ones. But for me, the decision came down to, even if I wasn’t worried about myself, getting vaccinated protects my friends and relatives who may be more vulnerable, such as older people and people with underlying health conditions.

And, especially, my son.

If you have questions about the Covid vaccine, ChristianaCare has a series of helpful videos on their website. ( Get the answers you need. Then, get vaccinated.

Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B.

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