Sleep. Oh such a beautiful word that I love. Anyone that knows me knows I love to sleep. Taking long naps, short naps, naps in the car, naps in my bed, naps on the couch; I love sleep. However lately I have no idea what this word means. It’s official I’m an insomniac.

Ever since Briean has been gone I have had the HARDEST time sleeping. I mean falling asleep at 4 am and waking up at 7/8 am is the common trend. I have tried everything I could think of: getting a heated blanket, putting pillows next to me so it feels like someone is there, sleeping with Netflix on, sleeping on the couch with the tv on, nothing has worked. It’s like sleep is no longer my friend. I have ALMOST turned to medical sleep aids (you know Zzquil, Benadryl, Melatonin), but I am all about the natural fixes in life. So if you are like me with sleep problems here’s some things I plan to try in these upcoming weeks:

-sleeping to relaxing music
-using lavender to relax
-aromatherapy sleep lotion I got for my birthday
-turning off the tv 30 minutes before bed & reading
What have you tried for sleep?