In life there are always decisions. The decision on do I want to pick up extra hours. The decision on what color shirt to wear. The decision on what car to buy. The decision on working out.  For most people, this is the day’s toughest decision. 

Getting into the fit life means that at many times the decisions you make are difficult and usually you do not reap the benefits right away. This is one of the reasons most people have a hard time going into the gym. I mean really if you could walk into the gym do a couple squats, hit a couple sit ups and walk away with a full beach bod after an hr or two everyone would do it. But the difficult decision is choosing to go day in and day out, many days, many weeks, many months and all the while wait for your results.  That’s the catch.

Hard work and dedication is a must with this lifestyle. It means saying though I worked 16 hours today I’m still going to get a workout in. Though I really want that cookie, it’s not my cheat day and I cannot have it today. It’s not an easy life but it was one well worth it. 

So yes, today you do have to go workout. Yes, you do have to eat healthy. And most importantly NO you cannot miss a Monday.