In the 3 years Briean has been here I have not missed one home game yet. Last year alone I only missed one game the entire season. But when it comes to the gym- it’s so much easier for me to skip a day -more specifically Monday’s. Right before the season started, Briean created “Football Friday”.

This is basically where all of his Friday were spent at the complex. Whether it’s watching film, running routes, working with the other DB seniors, etc. Friday’s as he says, is the day most people take off and relax, but he wants to work harder on their “off days” to make himself better. Well mine is the opposite part of the weekend. Monday’s for me are so hard to get back in the gym. It’s like after the game Saturday, relaxing on Sunday and if I work Monday the gym seems almost impossible.  I am so inconsistent with going during the week as it is, but especially if I don’t start on Monday. It’s like the whole weeks workouts automatically get cancelled once the day is skipped. But “Football Friday” has motivated me to do what I want to call “Motivation Monday”. This is the day that I need the most motivation to get me into the gym and I am willing to do what it takes.  It’s easy to make excuses and say we’ll start tomorrow. But no more. 

Starting this week I am devoting myself to Motivation Monday. I will get myself in the gym no matter what it takes. No matter how many Pinterest workout motivation posts I need to read (that has definitely become a boost of energy for me on my lazy days). I will get in my car and head to that gym no stopping! Motivation Monday is officially kicking off!