When I would talk about my future births before actually being pregnant, I remember being so adamant about NOT wanting a C- section. As you recall I wanted a very nice fully unmedicated, natural, relaxed birth. Cesarean was the last way I wanted my baby to come out. I skipped over the cesarean sections in all the birthing books I read. During my birthing class I tuned out when it was time for the c section talk. I was adamant. 

I did NOT want to be cut open. 
Well we all know how that went, I indeed got the ax. Because of my pre- labor mindset, when my plans did fail I felt very unprepared. My hospital bag was packed entirely for my “natural birth plan”. 
So here’s my list again! This time I’m removing what wasn’t needed and adding what was. This is what I would have packed in my c- section delivery bag:

For mom:
  • Victoria Secret christmas pajamas & slippers (p.s. they also open in the front making it easy for breast feeding!)
  • Overnight nursing bra
  • Outfit to go home (since you absolutely do still look pregnant when leaving)
  • Dermaplast, 
  • Moms bottom spray
  • Always pads
  • Lanolin cream
  • Massage Roller (to counteract back labor pains; which I unfortunately did have) 
  • Lavender essential oil/ lotion
  • Music playlist created by dad for mom
  • Chargers (phones, cameras. laptops)
  • Personal pillow (y’all know how I am with establishment provided linen)
  • Toothbrush/ toothpaste
  • Shower shoes
  • Tummy support brace
  • breast feeding pillow (this helps keep pressure off your incision better than a pillow would)
  • high rise underwear (mine kept rubbing on the incision giving me the worst pains ever!)
Everything for baby and daddy was pretty much the same as the previous natural birth plan list

Labor is just one of those things you can’t control. No matter how much you prepare or strategize, your plan will probably not be what you expect. It’s impossible to prepare for the unknown. But one way to try to get ready is to be open to the possibility of changes in your plan. So read those Cesarean sections in the books and pay attention to the lessons in the class. When it comes to the big day, you’ll never know what you need. 
See ya! 

Aysia B.