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What Drives you?

The other day I opened a “5” gum and proceeded to read the wrapper like I always do. Usually it’s some crazy dare that involves social media or some boring truth that no one actually cares about. But this time what was inside of the wrapper actually sparked my attention. 
Inside this insignificant crumpled up paper read the words:
“What is your motivation?”

For most of us the answer is simple: kids, family, parents, future, etc. But for some reason reading those words this time around sparked a different thought in my mind. Not what’s my staple motivations but what’s my deep down unthought of motivation? The thing that fuels my every day passions and desires. 
My motivation is to succeed. 
Many of you who know me would know that I hate to fail. I mean I don’t know anyone in the world who would openly say they like to fail, but when I was younger mine was a bit different. Things such as I wouldn’t answer questions in class unless I was completely sure of the answer because I had to be right.  And now freshly into my adult years, I find less of the fear to fail and more of the drive to succeed. 

I guess that’s how most of us are. We age and our fears either disappear or turn into our motivation. Well that motivation to succeed goes right into this blog. I read so many blogging tips that say finding your passion for the blog is what drives it. And though my schedules aren’t always 100% (especially my Monday ones), my motivation for this blog definitely is. 

So I invite you to answer the question today. What’s your unthought of motivation? Comment below! I’d love to hear what drives you.

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