Oh good ol’ New Years. No matter how long the year is it still feels like this creeps up on me every time. The abundance of “new year new me” posts, the resolutions, the announcements, business challenges, etc etc. I’ve never been a “new year new me” kind of girl and I definitely don’t plan on starting this year. However I can say it’s definitely been a year of change and I am in fact a different me. 

This is definitely not going to be one of those posts so don’t worry, I wouldn’t do that to you guys. But I do feel like a recap of this year is so necessary. Not only has this year taught me about my strength as a mother, it’s taught me about my strength as a woman. From new challenges, new romances and new finances it’s definitely been a year to juggle. 

One of my favorite things I discovered this new year was affirmations. Let me tell y’all, this saved my life. Okay not literally, but it’s up there pretty high on my list of favorites for this past year. So instead of doing a new year’s resolution post I decided to give you my favorite affirmations from last year that I’m taking into the new year. 

You are strong. 
I literally start with this one every time. Because as women I don’t think we realize just how true this statement holds. We have so much power regardless of how much the world tries to take it away. In 2018 I faced one of the biggest trials of my life. So many emotions came with it from betrayal, loneliness, emptiness, tiredness, abandonment, lack of support and more. But no matter what the situation around me was I had a baby boy that was depending on me. And it was the first time in my life that I took that statement “when you become a mom it’s not about you” to heart. It wasn’t about me. And at only 3 weeks old my baby boy deserved to look into a face that wasn’t always crying or depressed. There is literally no other word to define the past 12 months of my life besides strength. 

You deserve the best. 
Another true statement that I think we choose to ignore. Sometimes the vision gets a little cloudy on what’s truly “best”. Whether it be comfortability, laziness, unsureness; there are so many reasons we settle and forgo striving for it. After my last year I will no longer forget. I know I deserve the best. And whatever it comes to: relationships, friendships, business ventures, etc. I refuse to settle ever again. 

You are not forgotten. 
One we all seem to think. We look around social media and see all our friends getting engagements, promotions and more and think: what about me? We think somehow the blessing that’s been put on our life just must have passed us by. But no matter how delayed it will never in fact pass us by. The saying “what’s meant for you will be for you” has become another one of my fan favorites. I learned quickly this year what’s not meant for you will not be for you. No matter how good you are, how loyal you are, how qualified you are; if God says no, it’s a no. But if God says yes? No matter what your current situation looks like, claim it because its already yours. 

You are thankful. 
It wasn’t until the end of this year that I started to become truly thankful for all that it had brought me. I knew every heart break or set back I had was necessary for me to be the woman sitting here writing this now. I am beyond thankful for every moment of 2018. Because without that struggle this “new me” wouldn’t even exist. And trust me, it was all so needed. 

You can expect more. 
This one slightly ties into one above but it’s still such a good one. Once we go through the struggles and come out through the storm we then think “yes this is great. I am happy”. But by doing so we are shorting ourselves. After this year I’ve changed my mindset from “this is good” to “but wait! there’s more”. Am I happy for all that I have now? Oh trust, you wouldn’t even believe me if I told you just how happy. But that doesn’t stop there. I know that it’s okay for me to expect more. From the people around me to myself. We always need a goal to strive towards. 

Complacency is an act of the devil. So yea, I guess in a way it is “new year new me”. 2018 has been a worldwind of a year. To think I started off this past year blogging about something a little different in a completely different state and situation.  But this different me is so ready for all it has in store. I mean hey so far it’s been working out pretty darn good. 

See ya! 
Aysia B.