I love a black man. I was raised by a black man. My brother is a black man. My uncle is a black man. My son will be a black man.  And contrary to their beliefs, I praise a black man. 

I’m proud of our black men. They may not always get it right but they sure do have hearts of gold. The black man I was raised by always taught me you can do anything you set your mind too. Well our black men just want to grow old. How hard do we have to set our minds to get that? 
See I don’t think it’s an issue with just black men I see it as an issue of fear. The police are afraid, understandably so. They risk their lives every day to go out and fight people with guns, knives, fire and all other types of weapons. When they put on that work uniform in the morning they don’t know if they will make it home to their wives and family that night. But see our black men leave the house wearing their uniform too.  Their uniform of color; not blue but black. They have their black skin on every single day; no off days or vacation. So yes mr. policemen, our men do understand. They too are afraid that when they walk out that door in their uniform they may also not come back home to their wives or children. 

See the problem is not with general fear. The problem is with in which the police place their fear. They put their fear in black men. They see a man of color and automatically assume there is danger near. No matter the amount of money on his paycheck, how pressed the collar on his shirt is or what his car looks like. The color of his uniform makes him liable for murder. Makes him a victim for homicide, crime committed or not. 

I as a black woman am afraid. I am afraid for the black man I love. Will his professional football uniform give him more immunity than his black one? I am afraid for the black brother I protect. Will his baseball jersey protect him like it does for the ones in white skin? I am afraid for the black man that raised me. Will his white collar uniform provide him with a safety shield more than his black skin uniform will? I am afraid for my unborn black son. Will his career and earning income portray as a shield to his life?
There are times I wonder about bringing a son into this world. But I refuse to allow the sins of this world to damage my life. I refuse to allow the corrupt individuals of the police society to succeed in decreasing the amount of black men on this earth. They will not win. I will bring my doctor, lawyer, athlete or teacher into this world and he will succeed. He will be judged by his successes and accomplishments not by his black skin colored uniform. 

This is not to discourage men of other races or to say that the death of African American men are more important than the death of other races. But this is to, for once, acknowledge the black men. This is to, for once, stand and support the black men instead of putting him down and abusing him. So yes all lives matter. Just like men still matter when in topics of women rights. But right now we are acknowledging the lives of black men. So give him his time. Sit down and wait your turn.