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Wellness Shopping List for the Last Minute Pandemic Planning Mama

By now, everyone and their grandmas (no really)  have gone apocalypse shopping.   Everyone has stocked up on enough toilet paper to last them for the next 5 quarantines.  Sorry guys the toilet paper fetish is truly blowing me away.  Nonetheless, if you are just heading out to shop today then you my friend, are very late. 
Don’t worry I am not here to pass judgement because I myself just went out yesterday morning.
If you are worried there will be no toilet paper, don’t, this weekend Target placed a new shipment out at 8am each morning and placed a ban on families stating they can only have one per family of rolls and Lysol cleaning products. 

In short, you still have time.

But here’s the thing, I don’t want you to head back home with just enough toilet paper to soak up Covid-19, I want you to truly have what you need in terms of the things most families don’t think of.
I know you have your meats, foods, cleaning products and more.  But what about your baby’s health?
It is common knowledge that during the cold/ flu months kiddos catch many colds.  Most of which yes, come from daycare.  So most moms are thinking, well no daycare no colds- super wrong.  Colds and common illnesses can come from so many other things besides just sick people.  Bad meats, contaminated surfaces, and more.

As a nurse mama, one of the worst things I can think of is I packed up on all my goods to keep my family alive in time of crisis but not keep them healthy and well in the day to day.

So here’s my list of top 5 wellness things you need to grab at the store before heading into quarantine:
  1. Anti-pyretics.  Whew do these kids love to catch some fevers.  I mean seriously it feels like: plays a video game- fever, goes to the park- fever, sits down- fever; truly it’s inevitable.  So the best thing you can do as a mama is to be prepared.  Make sure you have at least one bottle of Tylenol, Ibuprofen or whatever your preference is on hand.  Remember, too high fevers (or fevers that spike and not brought down) can lead to further serious illnesses in children like seizures.
  2. Kleenex.  While you are on your paper goods kick, make sure you stock up on Kleenex’s as well.  If we all use toilet paper to the extent it is made to be used for we should have more than enough to last us during this Covid-19 quarantine.  This brings me to my next point.
  3. Antihistamines.  Allergies are very much still in effect (especially if you live in my body).  During this time it is expected to be very very nice weather.  This will make many of us want to open our windows especially since we cannot be outside.  Just remember, open window means the same symptoms us allergy peeps would experience outside we will now experience inside.  Another use of this product is for allergic rections.  Those of us mamas with tiny tiny kiddos may be allowing the babies to test and taste new products during this time.  The last thing you would want is an allergic reaction on your hand with no plan of action.  Yes, please call 9-1-1 if serious enough, all of us medical personnel will still be at work (you lucky dogs).  But, something like Benadryl could be enough to hold your kid over for the time being or until the arrival of emergency personnel.
  4. Vitamins/ orange juice.  During this time locked away there will be many families that will be terrified to leave their house.  Hear me mamas, yes your kid will be totally fine to sit out on the deck or the backyard.  But, in the event that you don’t want to take the risk it means a lot less exposure to things like the sun. Keeping their vitamin level up can help keep their immune system high in these next few weeks.
  5. First-aid kit.  I grouped this together because it makes for a much shorter list.  But what I mean by this is your every day cuts and bruises supplies.  Band-aids, Neosporin, alcohol swabs, etc.  With kiddos in the house they are bound to get stir crazy and start jumping off cabinets.  Oh just my kid?  Good to know.  Having these supplies on hand allows for quick and easy treatments of the every day cut and prevents having to show up in over crowded emergency rooms during this time. 
  6. Bonus: Soap.  Okay honestly this is less of a “wellness” product and more of an every day one.  Please please please I beg of you, still wash your hands.  Even if your trapped inside germs can still live in your home. And we need them off our hands.


These next few weeks will definitely be a difficult time for everyone.  Not just because everyone’s kids are home and they’ll will want to strangle them, but also because the world is experiencing a major major event right now.  It’s best to take care of yourself from the inside out.  This week, I’ll be releasing a blog on mental self care for us mamas and how to take care of ourselves and our little ones during this time.
Stay safe mamas.
And take care of you too,
Aysia B. 

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