Having family in town is probably some of the greatest times in MN. Being that our family is so far away it’s nice when they come and visit and we can show them our temporary home. This weekend was amazing; first there was the season opener football game which unfortunately we lost but fought so hard. Don’t worry we’ll get them next time! 

photography by: Goal Line Club
But a loss cannot stop the weekend when family is in town!

So there was breakfast following the game at pancake house (mmmm bacon), next there was the state fair. We have been in MN roughly 3 years and have not missed the fair yet! I love going there and testing out the new foods, seeing the animals (sometimes petting) and just spending time in the outdoors together as a family. One of our main things we do at the fair is play games. Me and Briean could literally spend all day at those games! Another one of our fair must haves are Martha’s Cookies (ooohh yummy goodness). No matter how long the line is we wait just to walk away a huge overflowing bucket of cookies. They are absolutely delicious!  The one bucket usually lasts us a week. Yea I know just a week but that’s literally how good they are.

And finally no trip to MN is complete without the good ol mall of America. Taking his brother out there for the first time was awesome. Having to send the family back is never fun but it makes it easier knowing it’s only for a short time. See you next game trip!