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21 Ways to Show Yourself Love This Valentine’s Day

show yourself love

Ahhh the much awaited Valentine’s Day.

The day most people think should be centered around “I love you” decor and spent specifically between lovers.

But what if I told you the last 3 years since I’ve had my son I spent Valentine’s Day also celebrating my own self love journey? Yes, you can show yourself love too!

I buy myself gifts, get myself a dinner I want, but most importantly spend time making sure I feel loved.

Strangely I have done this with or without a romantic interest.

show yourself love this Valentine's Day

Why Self Love

Oftentimes it’s easy to forget that how you show love to yourself is just as important as the love you give others, especially as moms.

The love we give our child after a boo boo is the same love we need after we’ve experienced something that hurt.

The attention we give our significant others when they come home from work telling us about their day is the same attention we need to give ourselves after we’ve had a hard day.

It’s simple: You deserve the love you give to everyone else in your household.

Self love is an act of care for yourself. It shows that you truly care about yourself. And who doesn’t want to feel cared for!

The idea of self love is often pushed around in discussions as there is no true definition.

Webster describes it as: proper regard for and attention to one’s own happiness or well-being

Proper regard for one’s own well-being. Aware. Present. In touch. All with yourself. These are the words I hear when I read that definition.

Sounds amazing.

self love on Valentine's day
valentine's day self love


21 Ways to Show Yourself Love this Valentine’s Day

  1. Buy flowers
  2. Order favorite meal
  3. Get an edible arrangement
  4. Take a solo trip
  5. Sleep in late
  6. Go for a walk outside
  7. Blast favorite song in the car
  8. Buy a new purse
  9. Take a long bubble bath
  10. Play video games into the wee hours of the morning
  11. Go get a facial
  12. Buy a new skin care products
  13. Make a reservation at a restaurant
  14. Get car detailed
  15. Buy some new shoes
  16. Reorganize bedroom
  17. Upgrade something in the home
  18. Get dressed up
  19. Take selfies
  20. Affirmations in the mirror
  21. Binge a new Netflix series

This list, obviously not all inclusive, is just the start you need to create your own “love list”  mama! In the midst of all the love being thrown everywhere this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to throw some your own way.

Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B.

ps need a place to put your love list? Download THIS pdf to help you get started!

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