Upon graduating college I felt a change in myself. Not just my mindset but my demeanor and appearance. I’m not sure if all college graduates get it but it’s the sense of being an official ADULT. I felt myself not wanting to partake in non-meaningful conversations or debates. Wanting to find a way to make my mark on the world one step at a time. My first step was my style. I found myself having a harder time picking out outfits to wear for occasions. Finding the traditional movie date night attire was harder than usual. That’s when I realized my style was starting to change. I felt myself wanting to wear more slacks/ jeans and less sweats or tights (but not completely throw those away yet). So after an open football practice one day me and one of my good friends Kelsey went shopping. She stated she had already started to change her closet up which was why she had been shopping so much herself. She also recently graduated with her masters despite being a young mother “shout out to her!” She encouraged me to try on clothes I normally would not wear just to break my norm. Much to my surprise I loved the things I tried on and they were purchased! Now it was only a start but it was definitely something that meant a lot to me and sort of signified a turning point in my life. Changing these clothes meant that I was changing a different part of me as well.  This fit in perfectly with the whole being a nurse plan.  As a health care provider I want to make a change in this world and that starts by being the change the world can see.  I do not plan to lose myself yet add to the person I already am to create an even better somebody.  So it’s out with the old in with the new; clothes that is.