As I sit on this balcony for my last night here feeling the warm air around me looking out at the beautiful sunrise, it’s so easy to reflect on love.

Valentine’s Day is one of those things I tend to go back and forth with. We are always deciding the year of if its something we’re going to celebrate that year or not. We have had our share of the sweet suprise Valentine’s, the arguing because one of us wants to participate and the other doesn’t (okay usually just me), and the basic “here’s your favorite chocolate don’t make a big deal of it”.  It just has always been a day where we are either really good or really bad. Being that for the majority of our time together we were in school not living together, it was hard to do the whole “go all out” thing.  Once we actually lived together it was hard to switch from the do nothing to do everything mentality. With football being the majority of our days it either fell on practice or a game day.  But this year was different.

This year there when discussing the day with one of Briean’s friends who just recently got into a relationship himself, a realization took place. Valentine’s Day is not about the gifts. It’s not just about the pictures you can take and put on social media. It’s not about if you treat your girl like a queen the other 364 days of the year. Not just for the girl, not just for the guy, not about the past, not about the future. It is about L-O-V-E. It is about celebrating the love that is present in a relationship; whether that relationship is intimate, friendly or between family members. So this year we did not celebrate being together for 7 years. We did not celebrate where we were, the past or our upcoming endeavors. We did not celebrate “Valentine’s Day”; we celebrated our love. And I must say its one of the sweetest loves I know.
Happy Love Day from our love to yours…