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Using Your Love Language to Improve Self Care Practice

In your free time I’m sure you read plenty of books mama *insert heavy sarcasm here*. But even if you never read a book for the rest of the year, I’m sure you know about the book 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Many know it’s about how love languages will affect their love and relationships with others like their friends or spouses. But did you know that this simple 5 love language lesson can help you improve your self care practice too?

Self Care Knowledge

Oftentimes when we provide self care to ourselves we do whatever is available and feels good in the moment.

A bubble bath, a face mask, a jog, something along those lines.

But the reality is do you truly know how to take care of yourself?

Do you know what fills your love tank?  What makes you feel rejuvenated and relaxed?

It’s okay mama, many people do not.

And honestly, until I started self care I didn’t either.

I would do a face mask and wonder why this just wasn’t enough.

Soon I learned it’s because I have a combined love language for myself; not just ONE of the 5 make me feel better.  I need a few.

And maybe you feel the same way mama.

This is why it’s important to learn your love language for yourself.

mtm love languages

using love langauge to improve self care practice

The 5 Love Languages

So if you truly haven’t heard about the 5 love languages (you must be really involved with those kids!) I’m going to list them for you now:

  • Words of Affirmations

Which Gary describes as words that affirm other people. Or in our case ourselves.

  • Physical Touch

Pretty simple here, but appropriate touch and physical affection.

  • Quality Time

All about attention and being present where the feet are.

  • Acts of Service

All about showing actions to form self care feelings

  • Gift Giving

This love language is simply what it says, showing love in the form of gifts.


This week I would love to take you on a journey to finding which love language works for you and your self care.

I not only want you to care for yourself mama, but I want you to do it the right way.

Not the right way for me, or for your parents, but for YOU.

The “right way” so you feel rejuvenated and refilled each and every time you do self-care.

As moms this is so important. As it is, we only have small pause moments in the day. It’s important we can capitalize on these moments.

And finding and utilizing your love language, is exactly how you do that.

So as we start,

First step:  Take the 5 love languages quiz HERE!

Next step:  Use it.

Let’s do this mama!

See you here ALL week to break each of these down, and to go over tips for each of love language to ultimately help you improve your self care practice.

Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B.

love language improves self care practice

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