This past weekend was the Mommy Spa and Social. Let me just say this event surpassed my own expectations. This room was filled with moms that got the spa feel they needed but also the break they were craving. There was not a single “let me run and change this diaper”, “let me ft my kid quick” or even an “I wonder what Tate is doing”. That statement is not to say we did not think about our kids because come on, we are still moms. But it’s to show just how good of a break it was.

Aside from the break the biggest and most recurring statement I heard from these moms were:


Whew that gave me chills. 

It sounds like such a simple sentence but as a mom, a new mom especially, it’s not. 

Let me take you back for a second. 

You just had your baby and you guys have been in your new roles for about 4 weeks. First week was kind of foggy and you’re actually not sure where the time went. Second week you’re starting to realize your baby is a little person that needs to be understood and you start picking up their cues and wants. Third week you’re a pro, you know how to hold baby, fold laundry and cook eggs. Oh look somewhere along the way you grew another arm. Fourth week, oh crap… where are my friends? 

Mama am I right? 

You completely forgot you had friends and in the midst of baby you’ve been living in a bubble. I get it, you’ve barely had time for you so of course you haven’t had time for friends. But you didn’t realize until about the 4 week mark that the entire first month of your baby’s life was probably spent in seclusion. 

Not a bad thing at all, listen you and your baby needed you. But now you’re ready to come out of hibernation and your old friends maybe they just don’t fit. Or they’re great to hang out with and you still want to see them but you want to be around some moms who get it too. 

Trust me I hear you. And that is why that statement above, gave me chills. Because this event did JUST THAT. 

Another reason that statement gave me chills? Over a year ago I wrote this post:

When I wrote that, Tate was less than a year old. At that point I had realized I found my tribe and I loved it. But I wanted more. I wanted more than just my tribe at home. I wanted more than just the women I knew, I wanted to touch more moms. And those chills I talked about? This is where they come in. 

At the Mommy Spa and Social I did just that, I did more. Not just for me or for my small mama tribe but for the mamas in Delaware. And the fact that the main takeaway is that they got to meet more mamas, tells me it was a mission accomplished.
Here’s direct quotes from some of the attending mamas:

“It was such a great experience. I was able to meet her (Aysia) and the other women… Aysia the creator of Mothering the Mama has such a beautiful spirit the entire energy in the room was so dope”. – Jania

“It’s always a little hard stepping out of your comfort zone to meet other moms and a little nerve wracking at first but with the icebreakers and games everyone tends to loosen up and is open for conversation. It’s was super cool to have moms of all ages and to be able to talk and ask for advice”. -Maddison

“It was nice to meet other mommas who go through the same things as I do with Justin. It was a really good vibe and I had fun”. -Idalis

“The event was the perfect environment for mamas to  connect with other mamas and realize that you are not alone in this journey. The things you are experiencing are not unique to just you and you can feel comforted being surround by women who are just like you”. -Kelsey

As a mom we all have had that feeling. That “am I cut out to do this” feeling. Well working with your passion kind of feels the same way. You invest so much money, time and energy and somewhere along the way you think “Is this right? Is this what I’m supposed to be doing?”. The feedback from Mommy Spa and Social helped me realize: I am, it is and yes. I am cut out to do this work and help these mothers, it is right that I am here now doing this and it is exactly what I should be doing. For me, walking in my purpose feels just like motherhood. 

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Take care of you too,

Aysia B.