I’ve always loved fall. The crisp weather, pumpkin flavoring and leaves changing made for amazing photo ops as well as the perfect outfit combos. What I spent less time paying attention to, was how much me and Fall had in common. They say becoming a mother changes you. For me I was not only changing physically but I was going through one of the most trying times emotionally as well. I was also taking an extended maternity leave and using that time to focus on my blog. I made new friends, lost old ones. Got new threads, lost old ones. In a season of so much change it’s sometimes so hard to still feel like you. 

I think a lot of times us as individuals resist change so much because instead of looking at the glass half full, we look at it as half empty. Now those close to me will tell you, I’m definitely not one to preach on this topic. I am a pessimist at heart and my glass is almost always nearly done. But since having Tate I realized I had to shift my thinking. I mean it’s bad enough I was negative he couldn’t be too! But even more so, that was motherhood. There would always be changes and shifts to the day. From mid- day outfit changes (sometimes for mom and baby) to random public nursing sessions there was rarely a day that went 100% according to script. Now I could look at these changes as disappointments and focus on what it caused me to miss, or I could focus on the cute photo op that presented itself with the mid-day clothes switch. Can you say two days worth of Insta photos knocked out in one day? 
Just like leaves falling from the trees, it’s best in motherhood to just let things fall and flow. This “go with the flow” change doesn’t have to necessarily mean it’s not me, it’s just helping define a new me. 
  • A me that like the leaves on the trees, I no longer cringes at the sight of change but yet understands its need for survival.
  • A me that like pumpkin is for fall, I am known for my ability to be optimistic.
  • A me that like football and cold weather, I adapt to any climate or challenges that motherhood brings while always maintaining my A game. 

Just as fall comes around every year so does winter, summer and spring. Each one of these seasons bringing new changes and favorites. And though things may sometimes look empty and bare remember, sometimes the best memories are made in the chaos. 
What’s your favorite season?! 
See ya!

Aysia B.