Welcome to America, the land of technology.  From our cars to the homes we live in , we breathe technology.  But do you ever stop to think about how other countries live?  Well for me, it wasn’t something I thought of.  I assumed that though everyone may not be as technologically advanced as us, they were still using technology to some extent and needed it to run their country similar to us.  Well, I was very mistaken.  

In Cuba, the Wifi was somewhat of a sticky situation.  I could only get wifi in places that actually had wifi, which in that way they are similar to the US.  But there in Veradera, there were only places few and far between that actually had it!  We know in America upon walking out of our house that almost every place we stop will have some type of wifi whether free or password protected.  Recently we took a vacation to Miami where there was wifi throughout the entire hotel.  Mac books were available from the lobby, to the reading room and even in our personal hotel rooms!  Now I don’t know how many of you are used to this “fancy” life, but MacBooks in the room were a huge deal to me.  Well Cuba had 4 computers just in the lobby.  And when I did get wifi on my personal device, I had to use a little wifi card that allotted me only 60 minutes of data.  Once that card was up, so was my wifi.  I then either purchased another card for 2cuc (Cuban currency) or had nothing for the remainder of that time. This wifi life was definitely something I had to get used to during my 5 day trip.  But it wasn’t necessarily all bad.  
In our country, 7% of smartphone users are considered “smartphone-dependent”.  I myself probably fit in that category, embarrassingly so.  Between blogging, social media, and “googling” I easily run up my data plan monthly.  I saw a billboard once that described America as walking cellphones.  The photo portrayed us humans with cellphones for heads in order to symbolize how into our technology we have become.  Well in Cuba, it is quite the opposite. 
Besides the tourist, I can count on one hand the amount of Cubans with technology phones I saw.  It’s like in Cuba they value the art of talking, walking, and just living.  Definitely something us Americans should try more.  Just not all the time because of course I still need you to read this blog ha ha.  Every now and then it benefits us to get our heads out the screens and enjoy the world around us.  

During my trip in Cuba I honestly felt that I was living.  Though I did have my phone for pictures, I honestly enjoyed the feeling of not being able to talk to people constantly or update my status or check my feed.  In a sense it felt… free.  If you remember in Life’s Tornado I talked about how it’s important to just relax sometimes and take it easy.  Well that’s exactly what I did in Cuba.  With no itinerary at all, it was so easy to just relax and take all that Cuba had to offer in.

In life it is so important to remember that relaxation is just as key to wellness as medicine.  And what better way to relax then on a beach in Cuba.  

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