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Turning up the Heat; Ways to keep baby cool in warm weather

Tate is a winter baby. And in terms of summer, “he ain’t bout that life”. The other day we went jogging in 90 degree weather and his little cheeks were just as red as can be! So when planning for our trip to Arizona, I knew an adjustment to the heat was mandatory for this little Tot. 

Being as though Tate was a winter baby things like shade, sunscreen and light weight clothing were foreign to us. We’re all about that snowsuit, no sun, multiple layers type of weather. Don’t worry baby, mommy’s about that life too. But I was definitely not going all the way out to Arizona for my first time and sitting in the house to avoid the heat. So here were my top 5 baby tips to help little man adjust to the climate change. 

  1. Hat. In the cooler months I keep a hat on him to make sure he doesn’t lose any heat through his head. Well in the warmer months the hat is still in effect but shaped a little different and used for other reasons. In AZ I made sure his hat had a wide brim to keep the sun out his face. And was made from a lighter material so he didn’t overheat.
  2. Pool. Thankfully our friends we stayed with had a pool. On one of the hottest days, there was no other way to cool off then to just hop in the pool. And for his first time I’d have to say little man did just great. I’m seeing lots of swimming in his future.

  3. Lightweight clothing. Before leaving for our trip I had to of course go shopping. Not only for style reason, but also because Tate had no summer clothes that currently fit him. When picking my items I made sure the clothes were thin and I got plenty of short sleeved tops with shorts. 
  4. Cool cloth. Most of the time we were indoors so this was not as necessary. But in times when it did get super hot I wiped him down with a cool rag or cloth. Not only did it cool him down but he seemed to think it was a game to play. That’s always a bonus.
  5. Blankets. I’m that mom that constantly keeps her baby covered with a blanket. Don’t ask me why I just feel it’s something he needs and Tate loves his blankets. Pretty sure he’s going to be a “blanky kid”. In the warmer climates a blanket isn’t necessarily needed, but due to my obsession, the aden and anais blankets came right in handy. They’re light weight blankets that still get the job done. 

Even though I’m a winter baby I love all things warm weather. Ice cream, the beach, sun dresses, etc. Let’s hope the more I make him comfortable in it, Tate will feel the same. 

See ya! 
Aysia B. 

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