Weekends are for games; no if ands or buts. ESPECIALLY when it’s a trophy week. (For the non-football majors: there are a selection of games in your season that are conference games that you play for a trophy that rotates between the teams based on who wins the game). So the game this weekend was big time especially since we housed the trophy before the game. Unfortunately the Little Brown Jug has to spend a year away from Minnesota but if we play like how we played tonight with a few minor tweaks I know that trophy will come back this way.

The other great thing about the game: it was ON Halloween! So the mascot changed multiple times into multiple costumes, students on campus go all out wearing costumes at the game and it is literally just awesome!

Now anyone that knows me will know I love Halloween! I bug Briean about going out and about choosing a costume months in advance. I love being able to revisit my childhood by dressing up in costumes with a little twists on visiting multiple houses to visiting multiple adult places (aka bar hopping). We have been in MN about 4 years and between injuries, game days or practices I was FINALLY able to get Briean to go out last year. 
However this year I knew it was just a no go this weekend. We had family in town, the game wasn’t until 6pm on that day and it would have been tough to go home get ready and expect him not to be physically drained. So unfortunately there was no costumes or adult venue hopping done this Halloween. Disappointing for me but hey sacrifices are a part of the football life. But fear not! I was able to get my mini costume fix between the game and my job. Oh how I love football and pediatric nursing!