Today I decided to combine man crush Monday and Motivation Monday. Me and my MCM hit the gym together.

Having a football player as a boyfriend a lot of people probably think I have a full time free personal trainer.  As this is true in some ways like he does give me certain exercises to try sometimes at the gym. Most of the time it is not since by the time he gets home he’s usually too tired to help me work out. So I got with a trainer briean recommended for me so he can push me to limits I can’t do myself. Well let me tell you boy did he show my arms the business today!  Most of the boys and girls in the gym around me were athletes at some college. It was kind of cool to just be in that gym and feel the motivation pouring out of those people at that gym.

Briean works out everyday with his teammates and they grow together. The entire football lifestyle is healthy and hungry. Though I may not have the same goals as the boys, I still want to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.  No I’m not currently an athlete or striving to make it to the pros but I want to work my butt off to take my body to heights it’s never seen before. So all my non-athletes lets work like an athlete feigning for the pros! Here’s to making my body look like d1 athletes!