Ever heard the saying there is strength in numbers? Well the same stands true for working out. It is a proven fact you are more likely to stick with working out if you have a buddy, partner or trainer that will hold you accountable.

So for this month I signed up for a fitness challenge! One of my former cheerleading teammates from high school (contact her here) has recently gotten her personal training license and is now using her gift to help others. The challenge is 30 days and is focused on high endurance cardio exercises. Food and nutrition suggestions are also included. With a mixture of the intense cardio workouts and my own personal strength training I may just hit my summer body before the summers actually out! 

Besides the fact of knowing there are tons of other individuals competing in this challenge with me, I have recruited a close friend to take this with me a well!  Now she does not attend the gym routinely and I am just getting back into it so it is perfect because our fitness levels are not too far apart. With dedication and determination I know we will definitely see progress! 

The importance of a fitness goal is to stick with it! Try to find friends, programs or different challenges to join and attend.  The more people you are with and groups you join, the more likely you are to stay driven.  So get out there and find your own challenge or a close friend to have gym days with. And most importantly, never miss a Monday.