A friend of mine recently started a group called Young Adults for a Purpose. It is basically a group where Christian young adults get together to discuss different topics as it relates to the word of God. Last week I attended a session for the very first time. Between all the travel and other pre scheduled arrangements I was finally able to make one! This session was all about the future. One of the main things I took away from this session is we cannot plan for tomorrow, that day is not ours it belongs to the Lord. 

With all the next level things coming up in our lives it’s hard not to look towards the future.  It’s hard not to think of the combine, the draft, where we could possibly be this time next year, what job I will find, the new things I will learn in my personal career and so much more. I have never in my life been so excited for the unknown. Some people would find this nerve wrecking or overwhelming but we are just enjoying every moment of it.

There are times when I am so consumed with the future that I forget to stop and smell the roses where I’m at; me about to start a new job, us spending the last few months in our first apartment together, etc. I can tell you one thing we are so blessed for everything we have been exposed to this far. I mean for college students we have really lived the life! There is never a moment where I want to seem ungrateful or not give back the glory to God. This session truly helped me slow down and not look forward so much but look to the right here and now. Though I am so ready to move out of this non updated apartment (yea my HGTV fetish just doesn’t fit in this space anymore) I plan to spend the next few months here taking it slow and savoring my moments.