One of everyones favorite things of pregnancy is the advice from new, past and current parents about how to care for YOUR child.  INSERT MAJOR SARCASM HERE.  Whether it be bottles, pacifiers, sleeping, clothing, or feeding each parent feels their advice is the right way to do it.  Trust me, I get it, you raised a pretty great kid so I’m sure the advice is great but… yea not always asked for.  One of our recent advice topics we have received has been about vaccinations.  I know I know, Aysia that is not a topic you just so openly discuss, but it’s Wednesday and that returned third trimester exhaustion has made it a little difficult to be consistent with posting so it’s time to have some fun.  Don’t worry, I’ll keep it short.  

As much as the unsolicited advice can be annoying I was actually appreciative of this one as it opened the door to allow curiosity to creep in.  Being a member of healthcare, vaccines were a no brainer.  In the clinic setting I was seen as an advocator of them, heck I administered them!  So in thought, when it came to my child it was also thought of as a no brainer.  My child would have vaccines.  But now, being pregnant it’s like the belly is a magnet for these sort of conversations from other pregnant mamas to be, parents or healthcare personnel.  And in some of these conversations the points made were enough to not only raise eyebrows but enough to make one consider some secondary research.  
When bringing a child into the world you want to protect them from as much harm as possible.  I mean if we could take away every “owie” and bruise our child encountered I’m sure we would.  And lets face it the other side of the vaccine debate is down right scary.  To think you could be allowing a product to be given to your child that could cause harm is scary to think of.  I want Bean to be safe of course, but which one is the safer choice?  As of now the evidence I have isn’t enough to lean one way or the other.  So, in our household we have agreed it has now definitely become something to look into.

Being a nurse does not by any means make me an expert one way or the other on the immunization debate.  So in this particular parenting topic I am asking for assistance in rounding up the evidence.  But remember, being a nurse does mean I’d love facts not just opinions.  

Mamas: current, past and ones to be, honestly what made you decide to vaccinate, not vaccinate or delay vaccinations in your child?  Also, how did this affect your decision on a pediatrician? E-mail or comment below some of your favorite evidenced based reasonings and let’s get the conversation started!!