It’s so hard to believe the holidays are actually here! Like thanksgiving is actually this week. Anybody else think that’s just nuts? Welp! Can’t go backwards, so we’re here! This past week a friend shared an article with me about nurse’s and thankfulness (see article here if interested). The article described how as nurses, we see thankfulness a little different than the rest of the world. Everyday when I walk through the doors of the hospital I am forced to take gratitude to the man above for the ability to do basic features such as walk, talk, self- heal and so much more. Let’s be honest, it goes without saying that taking care of someone who just had their legs amputated makes me cherish these short hamhocks I call legs even more. But in reading that article it really made me further reflect on the question itself:

What does being thankful actually mean?

I have a friend whose child often cries over play time being over or wanting more snacks as any normal child does. When she does this my friend asks her: Are you asking for more? Are you saying what you have been given is not enough? Yes, I know super heavy question to ask a 3 year old, but in reality it makes sense. Very often we humans find ourselves constantly asking for more. More money, more clothes, more friends, more time, etc. In doing so, it seems what we are truly saying is we are not thankful enough with what we have.  Thessalonians 5:18 states: “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you”. When I hear that verse it humbles me every time. No matter how tough the situation I have come to adapt the approach; “God wants me to stop and be still in this situation”. Flashback to last October when I was ranting and raving in “in Him I trust“? Yupp used the be still approach then too! And that is what I feel when I answer the question: What does being thankful actually mean?  To me it means being still, humble and content in the situation I am in. And no, content does not mean giving up on fixing issues, settling or faking. Content means to be satisfied. 

This Monday, I motivate you to try and be thankful for each situation you are in this week. Remember the bad prepares you for the good and to be thankful and joyous when that good time comes. I’d love to hear the ideas you come up with as motivation to be thankful!

p.s. I want to say a very special thanks to all of you! While I was away writing my featured and guest blog posts, stats showed you guys still checked the blog faithfully for updates. I feel beyond thankful that my little blog has evolved and became useful to more than just me. I hope you find happiness in this post and it motivates you to start your give thanks week off just right! Enjoy the holiday, spend time with family and eat lots! Don’t worry we’ll work off the calories later. Oh and check back this Wednesday as I’ll do a little early #tbt to my first thanksgiving cooking and how I’m doing it different this year!