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Tips to Dump the Emotional Baggage During Social Distancing

It’s week two of this whole quarantine thing and if we’re being honest, we’re all starting to lose our minds just a bit.
If it’s not from the quarantine, it’s from the media, lack of supplies, the kids, or just the emotional stress of it ALL.
So I ask again,

How are you doing mama?

We are in a rough season right now.
We can’t answer questions for ourselves, for our kids, honestly for anyone and that is scary in itself.  Don’t they know motherhood is the world of answers?
 And it sucks doesn’t it?  Not to have any answers.  To not be able to truly lessen the fears of your kids and loved ones surrounding you?
I don’t know about you but it makes me feel really emotionally bound.  Like there are all of these emotions about the situation that I have that I am keeping inside due to fear of scaring more people or even worse my kid.

It’s time for an emotional recharge.

This past week I have been giving out so many of my own personal tips for self care that I use. Planned parenthood discussed there are 6 types of self care and if you know me then you know tapping into them all at least on a weekly schedule is so very important to me. So far we’ve discussed, mental tips I use to help keep me mentally sharp.  Physical tips I use to help me stay in shape while trapped inside.  And now, it’s time to sit down and get out the real stuff. The emotions.
Emotional self care for me can sometimes feel like a daunting task, I mean who wants to sit down and cry all day.  But in certain situations, it’s totally necessary.
In a moment in time where everything feels so very uncertain, it’s easy to hold it all in and store your emotions.
It’s time to let it out mama.
Here’s my favorite ways to keep your emotional baggage in check:
  • Brain Dump. I know, you’ve heard me say this a gazillion times, but it’s because it actually works!! It’s like a journal entry without the whole “Today was a good day” part. This dump allows you to get everything that is on your heart and mind onto paper.
  • Therapy.  Ooh such a bad word but one that could also be your saving grace.  With all that is going on in the world, it’s important to not only put everything down on paper like I mentioned above, but also to talk it out with someone that can be trusted and even give guidance on how to maneuver through the feelings.  I know we can’t leave our home and physically go to the therapist right now, but we can definitely call one up on the phone with telemedicine and get in contact.
  • A friend/ loved one.  Let’s be honest sometimes our friends can be the best form of emotional connection we receive.  First be sure to ask your friend are they mentally able to handle an emotional rant right now and then when they say they are, lay it on them.  It doesn’t even have to be a negative rant! Just one of how you’ve felt lately, the positives from this situation, anything your heart desires. Just get that emotional connection going.
  • Meditation/ yoga.  We talked about this last week with physical self care, but honestly this helps us all around.  Using this quiet and intentional time to focus in on your feelings and release them with each stretch can be a total game changer.  Try hitting both self care points with this one tip!

Times are hard for everyone right now. We’re all emotionally, physically, mentally drained and more. The best way we can take care of ourselves at this time, is to pour so deep into us that it overflows healthily to others. Stay strong mamas, 
And take care of you too,

Aysia B. 


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