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Pregnancy Brain is More then a Myth; Tips to Combat Mom Brain

I feel like many women don’t speak about pregnancy brain, but it is absolutely NOT a myth.

When I was pregnant I can vividly remember having my pregnancy brain.

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Tips to combat mom brain

I was making cereal one day.

Got out my frosted flakes, my milk, the bowl, the spoon- perfect combination.

I poured my cereal in the bowl, followed by my milk, dipped my spoon in and stirred.

Took a bite. Delicious.

Time to clean up!

Cereal box back on top of the fridge, bowl and spoon in sink (of course to be washed much later, excuse? I’m pregnant), and finally the milk back in the cupboard.

Now at this point you’re probably like what in the world, in the cupboard?!

And if you’re thinking that then you my friend, are doing much better than me and my pregnant mind was at the time.

Unfortunately for me, and my sons father, I indeed did not recognize my mistake until much later.

And by much later I mean DAYS later.

Want to know what made me realize?

Well, I wish I could tell you it was just that my brain just remembered but in all honesty, it was the smell. Rotting milk in the cupboard *eww*


So yea, pregnancy brain is real.

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If you’re pregnant mama I’m sure you’re already starting to notice little ways that make you feel like your brain just has kinda checked out.

Walking into a room forgetting what you came for,

Forgetting your thought in the middle of a convo,

And the list could go on.

But as always, I got you mama.

Here are my top 3 tips to combat mom brain:

  1. Make a list. And just like Santa does, check it twice. A list for grocery shopping, baby shopping, things you need to do around the home, things you want to do today, things to do tomorrow- whatever it may be, list it up. This makes it easier for you and your brain and takes some of the “memory work” off.
  2. Take a break. Sometimes one of the easiest fixes is to literally do nothing. Oftentimes our brain is so crowded with the things we have to do that it’s natural things get forgotten or missed.
  3. Get moving! I know totally the opposite of the first tip, but as the saying goes, “strong body, strong mind”. Help improve your mental by doing light exercises throughout the day!


Now honestly mama, if this is all you have to worry about in pregnancy consider yourself lucky. There’s so many other things that we could be having to stress about.

But, in case you just want one more thing to add to your list. These light tips to combat mom brain are easy to add in your routine immediately!

Take care if you too mama,

Aysia B.

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