Ever had a goal you wanted but no matter how hard you tried, the goal just seemed to get further and further away? Between the obstacles and hurdles the goal just felt impossible? Yea im sure that happens to all of us a lot, and that is when motivation needs to be the strongest. 
When I was in nursing school each test made it feel as if the end goal was further away. Each skills test, practical and patient made it feel like my nursing license was way past the light at the end of the tunnel. However, each struggle made my end so much sweeter. Well trust me, that’s not the only area of my life like that. 
But that’s the thing with struggle, it’s not about how many doors you had to (sometimes literally) kick down. It’s not about how many times you had to change the path, how many friends you lost along the way,  or how long it took you to get there. What matters is that no matter how hard that struggle you never gave up. With the prize in mind you continued to strive and fight for what you wanted in the end.  And those are among some of the only things that matter . 
I saw this picture floating around the internet.  And man it just screams the truth. This picture is a true explanation of why giving up should never be the answer. You can feel so far away but in reality be so close. 
This Monday I encourage you to keep the fight. No matter how hard it may seem.  Nor if you cannot even see the end of the tunnel.  Keep your motivation high and push those limits. You never know just how close that end is. 
Stay tuned next Monday for the first ever interview on the blog where I interview someone who knows about the struggle all to well.  Want to find out who? Follow the link below to get a sneak peak! 
See ya! 
Aysia B.