I am a very simple woman. I like studs in my ears, a bun in my hair and sneakers on my feet. I do not dress up often but do not let that fool you I can “throw it on” if need be. I do not wear make-up (actually just brought my first foundation last year) I do not wear jeans a lot and would actually prefer to be in sweats. I yell at football, play video games and am in short- a basic chick.  

Now that does not mean I do not appreciate a nice pair of heels. It also does not mean I look down on other women who take the time to perfectly re-apply their mascara any chance they get. But for me in a world full of Mac make-up faces, drawn on eyebrows and amazing lip finishes its nice to see a woman who spends her life in the public eye be- simple. 

Ms Gabrielle Union is thought to be one of the most prettiest women in show business. In all of her social media she grounds herself in being weird (seriously have you seen Debby?), out of the ordinary and natural.  You can catch her at the Heat games yelling at the ref, the players and sometimes even D- Wade himself. She routinely takes pictures on Instagram of herself without make-up and in sweats. In an industry that’s so focused on creating “the perfect” image of a woman it’s nice to see someone defy those odds and show their true selves.

This image gives a vision to young girls that you do not have to wear make up all the time to be beautiful. You do not have to wear heels and tight constricting clothing to be considered attractive. You just need to be you. Unapologetically and amazingly you. 
(p.s. this is my favorite motivation quote ever!) 

So here’s to you Gabrielle Union. Again, though I do not know you the person you appear to be is literally my soul sister. You empower many young women to be themselves no matter what the world says they should be. Here is to you being a woman, my equal (of course not all the rich and famous things) and not my competition.