I started off this year so strong I was absolutely sure there was no way I’d start treading any slower, but boy was I wrong. Seriously I need a study on this. Why does it always happen every year!!?!

I plan out this amazing New Year. I have plans and have so much ambition to go behind with action and then January comes and goes and all I am left with is anxiety and stress! 

I think in part it is due to the pressure we are put under by these “new year” resolutions. Everyone around the globe has made big plans. Some of which they have begun to execute and post on social media. Thus giving those of us who have barely even lifted a finger this anxiety to get going! Now some people it’s a plus, it works as a bunsen burner where the fire under their butt chases them to get moving and start their elaborate plans for the year. Others, like me, feel the complete opposite. This need to complete my goals gives me a feeling I absolutely hate. STAGNATION. That’s the only word I can use to describe it. No matter how many little things I did like enroll Tate in a new swim class, move my entire life to a new state and in a new house, start a new job; I still feel this feeling of being stagnant. This emotion causes me so much anxiety and makes me just want to crawl into a ball and just say forget all my plans and goals and just go with the flow of life. 

As I was going through this process I reached out to my best friend and she said she felt the same way! This feeling of “her life being out of control”. She stated the only way she knows how to combat this is with lists. She writes down all the things she needs to get done for the week or the month and crosses them off one by one. 

The idea was great! I was ready to sit down and start my list right away! But as I sat down to write I realized I felt the anxiety creeping right back up! Then I remembered just because a plan works for some people doesn’t mean it works for others. 

I know you’ve seen all those posts on IG about timing. And it’s absolutely true. Watching others and trying to race them to the finish line is just not where it’s at. Take the tortoise and the hare for example. They did not take the same path nor were they going the same speed. The hare took a break along the road and because of his speed and his ability he felt he could do that. The tortoise knew he had to keep pushing the entire race or he’d never come close to winning. Stick to your plan and focus on your race.  One other tip of advice?

Take a moment and 


That advice can help regardless of what path you’re on. 

Breath and remember your journey. 
Breathe and remember your purpose. 
And most importantly breathe and be present. 

As I always say, you’ll never be in this moment right here again. And once you get your household, business or life up and running you’ll be wishing for these slow moments again. 

See ya! 

Aysia B. 

What’s your favorite way to calm your anxiety in the midst of chaos?