The Mama Program

The Why

We’ve all heard the saying…

You Can’t pour from an empty cup

Then why as moms do we insist on doing this? The long work week and still giving every hour of the day to our child? The continuous weekends of sports and activities for them with none scheduled for ourselves?

It’s a habit that needs to change. And here at the mama program we’re here to help you do that.

How Can We Help You?

The Mama Program is an in person workshop for moms from all walks of life. This includes but it not limited to: new mamas, seasoned mamas, empty nesters, miscarriage mamas, step-mamas and more.

These programs help mamas take intentional time out of their busy schedule to pour back into them selves.


In person events help moms rediscover what you time looks like and exactly how to use that time whether it’s 5 minutes or 5 hours. Community, collaboration and of course self care, helps moms unite and feel a sense belonging.


Coming soon!

With memberships moms are able to get a more intimate feel of connection. Weekly meetings, included classes and exclusive events help moms realize they are not alone.


As the heart and soul of the company, the blog provides weekly encouragement. With tips, tricks and motherhood stories, the blog equips mamas with a place to gain knowledge and enjoy motherhood from another’s perspective.

Attend an Event

The Mama Program offers quarterly events open to all mamas, to give an in person experience that helps push forward their sense of belonging in the motherhood community. With events focused on spa days, mindfulness, yoga, wine experiences and more, moms are sure to enjoy themselves and truly prioritize their me time, in a community built just for them.

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