This past week has been insane. I have worked a combination of 8 hour nights, 12 hour nights, and 16 hour day/nights for the past 4 days. That doesn’t even add up! That means I have literally had 12 hours to myself in the past 4 days. If you add in sleep and eating I’m down to less than 4 hours. But there will always be excuses and reasons for why we can’t work out. Living the fit life means you don’t let those excuses keep you from achieving your goals. 

After those long few days, going to the gym hearing the loud noises, people talking and hearing the constant “clink” of the machines just did not sound enticing. Usually I go to the gym about 3 days and then attempt to do something else the other days such as jogging. This week I needed something much more intimate. 

I have been doing yoga sporadically for maybe the past 3 years. I have never been consistent with it but seeing all the inspirational posts of people reaching their pose goals made me restart. This week it was much needed relaxation and it completely re-centered me for the rest of my week. 

Being as I am definitely still a beginner I have yet to master simple poses. I can do movement and simple balance things like the different stand triangles, downward dog, etc it’s the other balance ones that are a little difficult. Today at yoga I hit a simple pose called crane (crow). Now I can’t hold it very long (actually I can’t even hold it for 5 seconds) but I got off the ground for longer than one second. That’s a second longer than I could ever do before. That is what a fitness journey is about. It’s about fighting so hard for that one glimpse of silver lining. It’s about taking a goal that first seemed impossible and now being able to stretch out and almost grab it. It’s important to never let what you think you can’t do, what you couldn’t do before or what seems impossible stop you. Put your best foot forward and tackle it, and most importantly, never miss a Monday.

(sorry not the best picture. it’s hard when you gotta take it yourself lol)