YAYYY! The first away game for me of the season. Seems like it took me forever to finally get to travel! I am a gopher fan and I love the bank. But let me tell you about that Buckeye stadium! It is HUGE and just an amazing stadium. Definitely worth the trip. For Ohio State to be held so highly in the Big10 our boys did a great job. They held them very well in the first half. Still, it is always tough to lose. 
This trip was a huge family event. Briean’s grandmother and mother planned an entire trip from our home town to Ohio for multiple family members and close friends.  There was dinner, tail gating and then of course the game. I was so happy to be able to make this trip and be apart of the celebration. Being as we are slowly winding down to Briean’s last few games it’s important for his family to make all the games they can.  Another great thing that happened this weekend is a little boy by the name of David was able to take part in this trip. David is (one) of Briean’s biggest fans. He had such a great time and was nothing but smiles the entire weekend. It’s moments like this that always astonish me. I know immediate family are usually fans but it’s great to hear of the non family-related fans and see them show their support for Briean. I love that football brings together so many great people and creates joyous celebrations. Ohio was definitely worth the wait for the first away football game.