If it’s one thing that’s a common trend when I talk to other football girlfriends, it is having to share the holidays with football. For me and Briean the beginning/ end of the year brings many holidays. There’s the usual holidays: Thanksgiving and Christmas; then you have birthdays, Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. No matter the year half of these holidays fall dead smack in the center of football season. This year with the draft and training, football season has been a little extended. So this year we felt one of the true effects of a long distance relationship and celebrated our birthdays hundreds of miles apart. 

Coming up with birthday gifts is fairly easy when you live in the same household.  Living in the same house gives you the opportunity to give a physical gift or to do the more sentimental gifts such as a surprise party or something along those lines. Needless to say this January, I had to figure out how exactly I was going to do a sentimental gift yet get it almost halfway around the world.
Among the many of my favorite things to do is Pinterest (I know I have found so many new favorites since Briean has been gone). So with the help of Pinterest I looked up “long distance birthday gifts for him”. Check out Pinterest pins and pictures from this search here.  After checking out so many of the options I settled on making Briean a care package.  Though I found the idea I couldn’t find a design I liked so I came up with my own! With a little of this a little of that, a little of my style a little of his style, a little candy a little clothes the package was officially perfect! 
Though our “long distance relationship” is temporary it never is easy. But being miles away does not mean celebrations stop, it just means being a little more creative in the way you show love. Besides as the saying says “love conquers all”, that includes distance.