As I sit on this plane and head back to MN I know I go back to a world of no practices, no workouts,  no games, in short- no football. There are times I think back to the first time I headed out to this cold land they call MN…

Attending college in even the same state was not something we ever thought of in highschool. Contrary to many peoples belief it was a dual decision between me & Briean for me to attend school in MN as well. I had no idea what to expect upon arrival.  I mean you watch TV shows about college athletes and there’s the common trends; cocky jock boy, team parties every weekend, jersey chasers, team bonding experiences, late night early mornings with practice, etc. To some extent all of these things and more are true.

I didn’t know if Briean would make it,  I would make or even if we would make it . Not that at times I didn’t wanna hurt him BUT with good faith, being patient, loving and forgiving all things stood strong and we made it out the college phase. Now as we venture towards new journeys and experiences I feel nothing but excitement. Those college years have done nothing but set up great things for our future. These last few years have given me growth beyond belief. As a person, blogger, nurse,girlfriend and friend I have seen myself mold into someone amazing. Each period of your life comes with new experiences and lessons and I can’t wait to see what’s next for my growth and development!