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Stress Relieving Affirmations for the Toddler Mama

If you’ve been following the blog for a while then you know that affirmations are sort of my jam.

I love creating affirmations, using affirmations, talking about affirmations, all of it.

The reality is, some people aren’t a huge fan of them, and that’s okay.  To each their own.

But for those of you that do believe in them, they truly can be a huge shift in your mindset.

mtm toddler affirmations

stress relieving affirmations for the toddler mom

When to Use Affirmations

If you’re a toddler mom, then you know moments of high stress happen very often. Pretty much like every hour.  These times are my go to affirmation moments.  In these particular moments it’s almost crucial to have thoughts or sayings that you know can pull you right back down to a calm state.

When dealing with that little person all day your nerves are pretty much shot.

You are constantly in debate mode, yell mode and maybe even “throw the whole baby out” mode.

It’s natural mama, don’t worry. But again, it’s not natural to constantly stay in this state.

High levels of stress is not good for our body.  It affects almost every system; digestive system, immune system, reproductive system, and more.

This means we have to find a way to come back down after the periods of high moments.

My top affirming moments:

  • After a toddler meltdown
  • After a mama meltdown
  • Mealtime
  • Bedtime
  • Bathtime (during the hair washing process particularly)
  • Leaving the toy isle/ store without a toy

As I sat here typing those out, I realized the list could go on.

mtm toddler affirmation

Affirmations to Use

In those moments listed above, it’s easy to get so stressed to the point you feel defeated and can categorize the day as a “bad day”.

But the reality is mama, those are just bad moments in the day and you have the power to change not only your mindset towards these moments, but your mindset towards the day as well.

It’s all about how you use affirmations and the intent you put behind them that determines how much power they hold.

Below you will find my affirmations to the moments above. 

Top affirming statements for mom stress:

  • My toddler is a tiny human navigating difficult emotions and it is okay for them to be unsure of how to use them in this moment.
  • It is natural for me to be overwhelmed in this moment right now. By taking 3 deep breaths I can reset my body to a calm state (*TAKE 3 BIG BREATHS*)
  • It’s hard to stop the fun and want to eat, by encouraging (or forcing) my child to stop playing and to eat, I am actually helping him in the long run. This battle is worth it.
  • He is constantly waking up because he needs me, I am his security blanket.  It is empowering to give off a sense of security. (but still put him to bed)
    • This is the final battle of the day.  Once he is asleep I will be able to have some time to myself.  We are almost there. (had to give two here since we all know this is my biggest struggle)
  • Once I get through the battle of washing his hair, I can snuggle and smell the sweet smell of lavender during bedtime.
  • He will eventually stop crying.
    • This public temper tantrum moment is very embarrassing, I acknowledge this, but it’s okay that people are looking at me right now and once I leave the store them (and me) will forget this moment.  This is only for the moment.

mtm affirmatins for toddler mom

It’s important to remember stressful moments will happen.  That’s in business, family, kids, life.  

We literally cannot prevent them.

So instead of putting energy into avoiding them, let’s learn how to cope within the moments.

That’s how you take back your power.


Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B.

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