Happy first day of Spring Week! If you live on the East Coast like I do, it’s just starting to seem like Spring will actually show up this year. The sun is starting to shine, it’s staying light later into the day and it’s even starting to feel like we just might be able to put that big winter coat towards the back of the closet for a few months. Yay for bright pictures and warmth on my skin! 

Whenever the spring season comes I feel a shift in myself, too. It’s usually around the time I start to get complacent. I sit and think… 

“What is actually going on with my life?” 

Am I growing? Have I changed in the past few months? Has life changed in the past few months? Where am I with my goals?! 

I would imagine with the weather changing outside it’s normal to have these feelings. And these emotions aren’t always bad things to have. However, this definitely needs some type of direction. 

Here’s how I channel my feelings to gain productivity: 

1. Write a list. Writing a list gives you a way to organize your thoughts and visualize all that you want to accomplish. 

2. Prioritize. After writing the list, decide what’s most important! What are the things that you absolutely want to get done before even thinking of anything else. And what are those other things that could probably wait a little bit longer. Deciding the hierarchy for things in your life can also help give you direction as to what’s up next. 

3. Complete a task.  And not just complete it — but complete it to the best of your ability. See one project through before you move on to the next. If I’m being honest, this is what causes me the most stress. I’m always going from one thing to the next. When I feel these things, I force myself to focus on one project in its entirety before moving on to anything else. This also allows me to feel a sense of accomplishment as I complete each individual task. 

4. Keep adding more to your list. As you check things off your list it’s important to keep adding to it too! That helps you avoid feeling complacent. For me when I add things onto my list it not only helps me stay busy, but also reminds me that I am adding to my different skill sets as well!

5. Celebrate! Once I get through this list I usually feel a sense of calmness and am so excited to set forth with life. It’s always good to celebrate the completion of things! 

For me, as a mom it’s so easy for me to start questioning things within my own life. After so much focus on Tate and his needs, it can sometimes feel like my goals are put on hold or put on the back burner. Spring gives me a chance to make sure I keep my goals new and fresh. So excited for the warm weather to come! 

What does the warm weather do to your productivity?

Take care of you too mama, 
Aysia B.