Yayy it’s warm in MN!! (but shh don’t say it too loud Mother Nature may hear). Happy SPRING off-season!!! The time when the guys take a brief break from workouts. A time when it begins to get warm and families get to go on vacations, take nice trips, move, furnish the household or simply see your man. The off- season is such a bonding moment for families and replenishes all the time lost during the season. In my household I clearly thought the off- season meant I was off too… off from workouts. 

I am going to be completely honest. Working out recently came to a slow steady…. hault. And eating healthy? Yea slightly lost that too. Between getting a new job, getting used to my sleep schedule with the new job, everything changing with football I just have not had the mental or physical capacity to do more than maybe 2 days a week of workouts and trust me my body has definitely suffered.

But as the famous saying goes “Rome was not built in a day” and neither was my consistent workout schedule. But I am back in full force to push myself hard into that gym. And I am happy to announce that Motivation Monday is officially back! I promise to try to keep up this time and not let this fall. I have found my calm in the eye of the storm and have also found my motivation. This is not a start of perfection, rather a journey to success.  Every path has turns and bumps, and that is what makes the final destination even more sweet.