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Spring 2020 Bucket List; Spring Activities for Toddler

Happy Spring! Okay I’m a bit ahead of the game here, but if you live on the East Coast like me then this week is bringing you lots of warm weather.  With the tease of the warm weather, it definitely has me springing forward and thinking of all the things I want to do with my baby boy this Spring. 
As a boy mama, it is not very likely we spend a lot of time inside during warm weather.  During this time I try to find lots of activities for us that include a mix of indoor with (mostly) outdoor activities.
Over the years, Tate has been a little too young to do much.  Between mat time and indoor play areas, I have kept our selection to a bare minimum to be sure he can always get the most of of the experience.  But now with this little dude moving and talking as much as he can… we are truly widening the list and getting on the road.

With the list expanding, it means some days I am packing so much into one day. As we all know, a walking toddler only goes so far. This means finding the right stroller to take on our busy days is imperative. Our friends from Colugo sent us over their new Complete stroller and I have to admit I am pleasantly pleased.  

The spacious seat allows my toddler to fit snug inside and have lots of room to relax and ride. On days that we have plenty of new places to explore, the diaper bag is filled to the brim with so many toys and snacks.  The wide stroller basket provides plenty of room to hold the bag and more.  Tate is clearly a forward facing child now, but the ability to change the direction of the seat makes me excited to use this stroller for more babies from here on out. But my absolute favorite part of this stroller is exactly what makes it great for those sunny spring days.  The shade extension is UPF 50+, straight amazing! 
This stroller makes me absolutely excited to get going in the Spring!  And if you’ve been following along the blog for a while then you know making a season activity list is a staple around here. So without further ado, here is our very simple and easy to implement Spring 2020 Bucket list:
  1. Play at the park.
  2. Outdoor mommy and me classes (s/o to the DC area for offering these)
  3. Walking park trails
  4. Zoo visits
  5. Picnics on the deck.
  6. Walking the dog
  7. Riding around in the motor car
  8. Backyard toy play
  9. Painting on the deck
  10. Planting/ making flower pots
First day of Spring I’ll have a list just for you mama… trust me, it’s a good one too!
Take care of you too mama,
Aysia B. 

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