The trainer I go to has a clientele base that is much different than myself. Most people he trains play a sport, coach a sport or are training for a major event. Me, I just want to look the best me I possibly can. This meaning he has planned workouts he does for certain builds or certain purposes. I know the area I personally want to work on but just wasn’t sure if we were on the same page with what I wanted from my body.

Now that the season has ended and others are just beginning, I believe he will get a lot more clients wanting training I realize my working out is not AS important as some of there’s as my workout does not determine my future. However, that does not mean I do not need to still “get this work”. So upon arriving at the gym I ensured I explained to him exactly what I needed from my workouts and what I planned to get out of it in the long run. By speaking up I was able to make sure I was getting what I needed out of my workout. Working out is not about just following some person at the gym that you see. It is about personalization and self growth. It’s important to make the workout for YOU