Now there are some days where there are legitimate reasons to skip workout days. Your child is sick, your sick, work deadlines; things along that nature. (And since it’s one of the national cookout holidays lets just slide that in there too) But just because you don’t make it to the gym or a formal workout doesn’t mean you can’t still get the burn in! There are plenty of other ways to make sure you stay active today. 

1. Take the stairs. Yes I understand you work on the 7th floor but think of those steps as being on the stair master at the gym.

2. To my ladies squat don’t put down toilet paper. You know what I mean, no making sure the seat is covered before sitting. Each time you use the bathroom hold the squat the entire time. Want an extra step? Pulse as you go, but squatting is one sure way to get a full body workout.

3. Stand don’t sit. If your spend a lot of time at a desk and you know it’s not one of your gym days, stand as you write that report. Chart at one of the standing monitors and not the sitting ones. The object of standing creates a full body blood flow and allows your body to properly digest the foods you ate that day instead of depositing in your fat sections.

4. Healthy food choices. Yes I know not a fan favorite. But on days that the gym or formal workouts are impossible, it is that much more important to ensure you are fueling your body with healthy food. And no, that five guys burger won’t get burned off just by taking the stairs.

5. Commercial workouts. Okay so you didn’t make it to the gym today and instead you sat and watched tv. Shame on you, but it happens. On those commercials do SOMETHING! Jumping jacks, sit-ups, counter push-up, cartwheels it doesn’t matter! Just find a way to get active enough where you didn’t spend 3 hours straight on your bum on the couch.

Getting a workout in isn’t always the easiest and some days it seems literally impossible to workout . But staying active even on those off days ensures you don’t lose your fitness drive altogether. Making sure to continue the momentum is important to the overall success. And most importantly, never miss a Monday. Check out my Pinterest to find out more lazy day posts.