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Simple Tips to Using Words of Affirmation as your Self Care Practice

Yesterday, we discussed that this week is allll about finding out your love language and using it to adequately practice your self-care.  So today, we are discussing words of affirmation as part of your self care.

Words of Affirmation

So today we’re going to start with the first love language on our list.  Words of affirmation.

Words of affirmation is described as a way to make a person feel good by affirming them or telling them good things about themselves and things they have done.

If you enjoy this love language in terms of your self-care one would feel better by speaking very highly to and about themselves.

Oftentimes people overlook this form of self care.

Those pick me up moments on the way home from work, the way you talk yourself through that tough toddler meltdown; I’m sure you do so much of it already that you don’t even realize.

But to have this love language truly means that after saying these things to yourself you immediately feel better.

You believe the words you’ve said and have now taken them in as a form of self-love and mood lifting.

words of affirmation mtm

Words of affirmation for self care mtm

Examples of Words of Affirmation Self Care

Some examples of this type of self care would again be verbal ways you make yourself feel good.

Here is a list:

  • Affirmations on sticky notes around the house
  • Affirmations spoken in the morning and every night
  • Podcast recordings of self affirming statements to repeat
  • Purchasing premade affirmation cards
  • Affirmation emails received in inbox
  • A letter to self about all your recent achievements
  • A class that teaches you how to create affirmations
  • Biblical quotes of all the way the Lord thinks you are made in His image
  • Getting dressed up and giving yourself compliments
  • Making a love list for yourself that describes all the ways you love yourself


Using this love language is great if you’re always longing for a way to self motivate or self uplift.

To me personally, this is one of the simplest forms of self care to implement.

Try it this week and see how you feel!  If after this week you feel rejuvenated and uplifted at the right moments then mama, this is for you.

See you tomorrow for the next love language break down!

Take care of you too mama,
Aysia B.

words of affirmation self care

self care words of affirmation

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