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Setting Self Care Intentions in Motherhood

If you’ve been following me for even the past 3 weeks, I’m sure you can already tell, self-care is my jam dot com.  But it’s not only something I’m super passionate about, self-care is something I am intentional about, so I had to work on setting self care intentions.


My Initial Self Care Practice

When I first started with self care I wasn’t really sure what that truly meant.

It wasn’t a huge fad like it is now.

No one was talking about it or making a big deal about how important it was.

And in motherhood the term “self-care” is like a curse word.

So I was left on my own to find out what it meant.

But I quickly realized I cared less about what I did and how I got it done. I cared more about how I felt mentally, physically and emotionally after whatever the said activity was.

That is when I realized self-care was more about how it left me feeling, and I needed a way to regulate that in order to maximize that feeling each and every time.

mtm intention setting

setting self care intentions

Creating Intentions

Just like everything else in life, you need a plan if something is to be completed to the best of its ability.

My plan for my self-care was to focus more on my intention and what I wanted to get out of the routine more than actually what it was.

Here were my initial intentions as a new mom:

  • Ensure my self-care is at least 30 min
  • Self-care without baby
  • MUST feel great after
  • Focus during my self-care


Now, as you get further in any practice you grow.

And I shortly began to realize how many of those intentions were just unrealistic.

So here are my new intentions as a mom of 2 years:

  • Self care anywhere, anytime, just get it done
  • Focus on the feeling of relaxation and comfort over the completion of activity
  • Self care must be done every single day for any amount of time
  • For each self care routine remember why you are doing it (to relax) and focus on that as the outcome.


As you can see, the second list is much more relaxed on “rules” than the first.

And I love to see exactly how my self-care practice has evolved.

This practice is so necessary for me especially within the chaos of motherhood and that is why setting self-care intentions is a must for me.

Have you set an intention for your self care practice? I’d love to know!

And as always…

Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B.

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