Let’s be honest, the girls work hard! Throughout the day they are pulled on, sucked on, slobbered on, grabbed, slapped, and just straight up used and abused. Then on top of all of that, they are expected to make enough milk to feed a small child! So let’s just give a quick moment of silence to all the milky boobs out there. 

Good, now that we’ve got that out the way let’s talk about showing these girls some love. When I first started breast feeding I remember feeling so empowered. I was amazed my body could literally create food that would nourish my baby. But laced in between the feeling of empowerment was a little bit of sadness. I remember feeling a sense of loss. It felt like my sexy was gone. In short my girls had become strictly for Tate and they no longer belonged to me.

Once I became aware of this feeling I quickly realized something needed to change. I’ve had these girls my whole life how dare Tate think he could just come in and separate us. That’s when I started ‘self-care for the ta-tas’. 

  • Dress ‘em up! Get rid of that nursing bra and push those girls up!! For one night a month at least. You deserve to feel the benefits of those milky jugs too. Yes they’re bigger so?! Use that to your advantage! Flaunt what you got mama! 

  • Pump ‘em down! Alright so I mentioned they’re bigger, and if your like me you have no idea how to dress those bad boys up now that they’re a size (or two) bigger. Before I go for my night out I make sure to get a good pump session in. This way the girls are emptier and then it’s easier to fit them in that good ol’ push up. 

  • Scrub ‘em all around! Can we be honest for a minute? Yes, my boobs produce milk but do they have to smell like it too?! I feel as though since the moment I’ve had Tate the smell of milk was so prominent. I know my baby’s going to know the milk is there no matter what they smell like, so why not have an smell I like better. Body scrubs are my fav. I love to use scrubs not only for the smell, but also to keep my skin silky smooth.

I love feeding my baby boy, don’t mistake this post as me saying I don’t. But every now and then it’s important for me to remember my body (and boobs) are still mine. It has housed a beautiful baby, it provides him with the food he needs to survive and as if it’s not already doing enough, it houses me with all my beauty and flaws. So excuse me as I give this body some well deserved self-love. 

See ya!
Aysia B. 

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