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Simple Self Care Encouragement for the Tired Mama

As I lay here writing this I am putting my almost 4 year old back to sleep for the second time tonight and it’s only 11:15pm. Can anyone else use some encouragement for the tired mama?

This year has legit been such a tiring year.

I say it often; 3 is such a fun age.

The kids are more vocal, they have opinions, they’re comical/ playful and they’re just always doing something.

3 is the hardest age of parenting for me so far.

encouragement for the tired mama

The kid is more vocal, he has an opinion about everything, he’s always playing and as my brother likes to say, he has “ADS”; always doing shit syndrome.

Did you notice the theme that everything I love is also everything I hate there?


I am tired.

With Tate’s dad being away for the season entirely this year, I think this is the first time in life that I’ve been truly “by myself” for extended periods and I am FEELING it.

I don’t have planned breaks to look forward to, the extra curricular activities are piling up and it constantly feels like there aren’t enough moments in the day.

I know, shoot we all can say those things in our motherhood journeys.

Because the truth is, in motherhood what is a break?

tired mama encouragement

The only thing I can tell you mama, a break is what you make it.

If we don’t take our breaks then truly, it will feel like it’s the 14th of never.

For me, making my break means sometimes self care doesn’t look like a long bubble bath but instead an extra 30 min sit out in the car before coming in the house after work.

Because see what I’ve learned about self care over the years, is that it can literally be ANYTHING you want it to be.

⁃ sitting in a rocking chair

⁃ watching fish swim

⁃ looking at pictures of your kid while they sleep

Literally whatever makes you happy.

I mean right now what would make me happy is my child sleeping through the night but you know, small goals. (ps this is also encouragement for the tired mama who’s kid won’t sleep haha)

If I’m being honest I don’t really know the purpose of this blog post tonight except to hopefully reach another tired mama and let her know that I understand. To give some encouragement for the tired mama.

encouragement for the tired mama.

I understand that life is hard right now and you’re just trying to see the days through.

I understand that currently struggling motherhood feels like a never ending season.

I understand that choosing between the household chores, yourself and your kid constantly feels like picking between the red, blue and green wire on a ticking time bomb.

I understand that even though I talked about self care in this blog post the only part that truly resonated with you is that overwhelmingly tired feeling.

And I understand that no matter how many kids of these I list, the days are still hard and long.

But I just want you to know mama..

I see you and your sacrifices and hard work in motherhood are not going unnoticed.

But don’t you let yourself go unnoticed mama. Use this post as a reminder to take some encouragement for the tired mama, yourself.

Take care of you too,

Aysia B.

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