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If you’ve been following the blog for a while now then you know Gunner was indeed my very first tiny travel companion. Both by land and by air I had to prep Gunner for many trips. A bag packed full of treats and toys and we were ready to go! Well this time I have another little travel companion and if I’m being honest, he’s just not as simple. 

Tate has now been on about 4 total road trips. Most of them being back and forth between Ohio and Delaware. I know what your thinking, “Oh he’s an infant you pop him in the seat and he just falls right asleep”. Well guess what? WRONGO BUDDY! Tate does NOT like his car seat. This makes for a much more difficult car ride. 

Unfortunately for Mr. Tot comes from a road trip family; both on my side and Briean’s. We are all known to take many trips by car. So getting him adjusted to long stretches on the road is a must. 

Here are my top 5 tips for Road Trippin’ with a baby who does NOT like their car seat:
  1. Feeding. There are one of two ways to do this. For our first trip or two I pumped bottles for feeding. Tate typically eats every 2 hours (yes still, my feelings are the same). So I pump 1 bottle for every 3 hours. So our 6 hour trip I have 2 bottle in tow. Now recently, Tate started having teething problems so he’s refusing the bottle. So I am breast feeding him at every stop whether he’s hungry or not. This keeps him full for the trip and less screaming encounters for all passengers invoiced. 
  2. Entertainment. Tate’s only 11 weeks old so this one would appear to be difficult, but WRONGO again! This little man loves tv. I know I know, bad mom, but sometimes I have to get things done. So on our road trip I whip out the movies/ shows to help keep him calm. Also in rotation is his teething rings, car seat handle toy and mommy’s finger of course. With a baby that hates their seat it’s important to have multiple entertainment items.  Just like they get bored with the seat, they will get bored with the toys just as fast.

  3. Warmth. When we get on the road, I bundle Tate in his hat and a light blanket on top of his outfit which is a onesie and undershirt included. I find that when Tate’s a little warm and cozy he seems to sleep better and longer during the rides. The aiden+anais blanket is both warm and thin at the same time. Keeping him from getting too overheated and waking up. I love this blanket! 
  4. Planning. If your kids anything like mine they don’t want to spend any idle time in that car seat. So before I even put Tate in his seat I have a game plan. When my next stop is, where exactly it will be and how long we plan to be there. By eliminating the unnecessary stops I’m able to take out those times where Tate’s just hanging out in his seat and save those times for peaceful moments on the actual road.
  5. Enjoy it! There may be rough patches, crying bouts. and many extra stops on the road. But at the end of the day your on a road trip with people you love. Enjoy that time. No two road trips will be the same and every aspect of it won’t be the same either. Enjoy the good times and embrace the bad. 

Where are you planning for your next road trip?? I’d love to know ! 

See ya! 

Aysia B.